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Livrea Croco, All The Shades of Authentic
A rare and precious material, a long and meticulous artisan process, a naturally beautiful look: that is what defines Livrea Croco, our new limited-edition range of handcrafted bags made from Crocodylus Niloticus leather.


Each bag in the Livrea Croco series is one of a kind: the shade and motif combination is derived from the DNA of each individual Nile crocodile skin, selected by our craftsmen from top-quality pieces.

Thanks to the semi-natural tanning and gentle bleaching, the splendid chiaroscuros and the signature white & gray nuances of these leather pieces are perfectly preserved in their uniqueness.

Complex and strictly handcrafted, the heritage artisan techniques that give life to the Livrea crocodile series require extremely specialized skills. That is how these dream bags are born, embodying the epitome of pure luxury and sheer beauty.