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Scarsella: three styles, one bag
A great little icon by Bianchi e Nardi 1946, Scarsella is back with a brand new range of colors and materials. Distinguished by an unmistakable design, this versatile bag adjusts to your taste and style while managing to preserve its contemporary, sophisticated allure. Inspired by a story that is rooted in the golden age of Florence.

Evening style

Scarsella changes its flair and function through small variations in the details. The gold chain turns it into a fancy yet discreet evening accessory.

Belt-bag style

The leather belt turns your Scarsella into a sophisticated version of a pouch: the bag’s shape opens gracefully like a shell, revealing a different soul.

Shoulder bag style

Combined with the leather shoulder strap, the versatile Scarsella becomes a classic handbag to be worn crossbody or, shortened, over the shoulder. Regardless of the version, this bag always looks impeccable.

An iconic design inspired by the history of Florence