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Impeccable design driven by inspiration. High-quality materials crafted with a blend of traditional and innovative techniques. Carefully conceived details. Meet the bags that have made the history of Bianchi e Nardi 1946.

With its Renaissance inspirations, iconic references, and contemporary architectural lines, Essence is an expression of the soul and the heart of the Bianchi e Nardi world, exuding an aesthetic that arises from the encounter between our heritage and the constant exploration of new standards.

Every Bianchi e Nardi 1946 bag is unique because it originates from a craftsmanship process that matches artisan techniques with leathers featuring unrepeatable characteristics. This particular quality makes them luxurious in every aspect, even to the most discerning eye: the care and the work we put into each one of them are visible in every detail.

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leather bags


How do you create an accessory meant to endure beyond fleeting trends?
By matching great ideas with a harmonious design and a character that expresses itself in every detail. This is why our bags are as iconic as Florence's historical figures, symbols, and monuments - and at the same time perfectly contemporary in their look and feel.