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Glow is an ode to color, a special collection that captures the splendor, the energy, and the light of natural elements to enhance the beauty of Bianchi e Nardi 1946 bags.

All the colors originate from a combination of ancient and contemporary techniques: we use natural dyes and vegetable colors just like the ancient Florentine leather masters used to do back in the day, as well as sophisticated bleaching and precision airbrushing for hand-dyeing our most precious bags.

Water, mint, currant, narcissus... These are just some of the inspirations evoked by the names of the exclusive colors created for the Glow collection by Bianchi e Nardi 1946: these delicate or vibrant shades, either subtle or bold, cool or warm, are all distinguished by fullness and vibrancy.

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No color is more authentic and alive than that which belongs to nature, whether it's a fruit, an element, a spice, or a flower. From this idea stems a collection expressing a taste that is sophisticated and composite, and yet as natural as the color of crystal-clear sea water or a freshly picked mint leaf.