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The art of creating unique objects

Following in the footsteps of the great Florentine leather masters, for 90 years we have been making contemporary bags that are both beautiful and durable. Each one of them requires up to 100 hours of artisan work, a great deal of care, and a lot of craftsmanship.
And that is what makes every bag from Bianchi e Nardi 1946 truly unique.


Shaping unique materials is at the core of our work. We do this by using sophisticated techniques refined over 80 years of history, starting from selected leathers: fine calf, crocodile, python, ostrich, and lizard. Our exotic skins are chosen according to rigorous criteria and accompanied by CITES, a certificate ensuring their origin and provenance.


We welcome innovation by harmonizing it with the heritage of artisanal techniques inherited from the finest Italian and Florentine leatherworking traditions. Yet, there are things we can and still want to do as before, such as the Agatatura process. This traditional technique involves polishing crocodile skins with an agate stone to make them perfectly shiny and brilliant.


The value of an object lies in its details; that is why we take extreme care of every single aspect. Our trained eyes spot even the smallest flaws, and our skilled hands are ready to correct any imperfection. A Bianchi and Nardi bag is beautiful inside and out because we devote time and attention to every part, even the most hidden ones.